Facilitator, Continuum Teacher, Artist, Somatic Explorer

Hi! I am Jo.

I am a Berlin-based facilitator and somatic explorer, with a background in the performing arts as well as in sociology and gender studies.

I have been working as a dancer, dramaturg, personal assistant for people with disabilities, in end-of-life-care, in social justice education, as an editor and interpreter. I am white, German, able-bodied, neuro-divergent-ish, queer, and trans*.

After a decade of study and personal practice I became authorized as a Continuum teacher through the Continuum Teachers Association in 2022.

Continuum is a somatic practice working with sound, breath and movement in order to slow down, tap into the depth of experience of our bodily existence and open up portals of expansion, self-regulation and connection.

I currently teach both in Berlin and online.

What is Continuum?

Continuum is a somatic movement practice founded by Emilie Conrad half a century ago. It is an oftentimes subtle but powerful method of self-exploration that uses sound, breath, (micro) movement, self touch and imagery.

By connecting with our fluid and water-based nature, as well as with our evolutionary history as individuals and as a species, we invite new possibilities for sensation, pleasure, expansion, exploration and expression. We create new space around places that have become stuck (physically or emotionally); we find new ways of experiencing our bodies, and for our organism to self-regulate.

Continuum invites us to experience the ongoing processes of our bodies as wordless cosmic poetry and creative expression, and to calm down the nervous system and find deep rest.

Interests, Teachers, Inspirations

I find inspiration in lots of different ways and I have learned from many sources. My teaching and offerings are always a reflection of my own attempts at making sense of things, and weaving themes and questions I care about into an invitation to explore something together.

I am interested in intimacy, embodied social justice, queer ecology, deep entanglement, mycelial and tentacular consciousness, fungi, interspecies solidarity, restoring our relationships to ourselves/each other/the land/the more than human world, community building, polyvagal theory, trauma-informed embodiment, death and dying, speculative fiction, rituals, emergent strategy, post-activism, pleasure activism, substance-free states of expanded consciousness, gratitude practices, body-based queer spirituality, active hope.

Important teachers and influences include (but are by far not limited to) Kai Ehrhardt, Susan Harper, Mary Abrams, Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Bayo Akomolafe, adrienne maree brown, Octavia Butler, Leslie Feinberg, Keith Hennessy, Lilo Stahl, Jack Halberstam, Elsewhere&Otherwise, Chani Nicholas, Resmaa Menakem, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Merlin Sheldrake, Sophie Strand, and many more.

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Photos: Jo Koppe (1, 4, 5), Björn Scheele (2), Alexandra Diaconu on Unsplash (3), Luca Gefäller (6)


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